Diamond Youth Symphony Orchestra

** Parting words from the graduating seniors of 2018-2019 season **

Questions #1  What are your parting words for the rest of the DYSO members and comments or your fun memories and experiences at DYSO?

Question #2 What is your college destination?

Carl Viyar

1. My parting words to underclassmen are to cherish your time with your friends because your time in high school flies by super quickly. My favorite memory in DYSO was Day Camp last year and our Juan stickers.

2. Yale University for Computer Science

Lawrence Mao

1. Never cease doing the things you love, whether it be music, sports, or even video games. Life flashes before your eyes so you might as well enjoy it before it ends, right? On another note, DYSO has always supplied a wonderful range of repertoire and I’ve enjoyed playing and evolving as a musician alongside all other members. DYSO has been a home away from home for four years and I’ll never forget the conversations during snack break I’ve had with my fellow seniors. As a final parting message to you all: glhf!

2. Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, Maryland. I will be majoring in computer science and possibly double majoring in some other field. I also plan on joining whatever orchestra is available on campus next year :)

Emily Hsia

1. Hi DYSO members! For those who don't know me, I'm Emily Hsia a graduating senior in the flute choir! Leaving DYSO will definitely be really painful for me. Throughout my five years with DYSO, I've made incredible memories and amazing friends. The fun and joy of playing music together with you all and bonding with you all will always stay in my heart. This experience has truly left a long-lasting impact on me and I hope to continue furthering my passions with music in the future. To those who still have a long road ahead of them, I just want to say that time flies by really fast. You're going to go through middle school, then high school and then graduate and finally finish off with college. So definitely cherish all the wonderful memories you're going to make. And finally, don't forget to live, laugh and love!

2. I have not committed yet but I am considering attending Boston University majoring in business.
Ying Lin

1. I would like to tell all the members to cherish all their opportunities to perform music because those opportunities do not last forever. I also really enjoyed meeting and getting closer to people who share a common goal and interest. Lastly, it was truly an amazing opportunity to be able to develop myself as a musician with Diamond Youth Symphony Orchestra.

2. I will be attending the University of California, Berkeley. I will be going in for physics.
Dayton Sette

1.  Parting words:  To the DYSO members, thank you all for the fun memories I have of DYSO and for the unforgettable music we made together.  Always remember to heed the advice of Mr. Juan; he knows his stuff.  May you all win many Juan portrait stickers in your future!  I’d like to thank Mrs. Pak for her immense dedication to this program, the parents who have generously supported the symphony, and Mr. Juan for sharing his musical expertise with us all.  

2.  College destination:  United States Air Force Academy

Tiffany Wu

1. Thank you everyone for all the hard work and dedication. Each rehearsal we progress by leaps and bounds by sounding more cohesive as an ensemble. 

2. I will be attending UC Riverside for computer science.

Clara Kim

1. I am grateful for the opportunities from DYSO that allowed me to grow not only as a musician, but as a person. I hope that everyone in DYSO will enjoy making music with fellow musicians as much as I did for the past 4 years.

2. I will be attending Wellesley College for majoring in Chemistry